What you need to know!

This page is written with goal of answering all those questions that we forget to tel you about during our email, messenger or telephone conversations. Hope it helps:

1. How do I get there ?

It is possible to drive directly here from the UK and Europe. It’s about 1,500miles.
The record from the UK is 33hrs in a van :
Eurotunnel at folkestone to Calais.
Motorways through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Denmark. Toll bridge over to Sweden and then up through the slower roads of Norway. It’s not for the faint hearted, but if you like to bring A LOT of gear or stay for 2 weeks, it’s an option.
Driving from Europe is obviously quicker and more feasible, especially four passengers in a crew cab. You can also get potentially more time “on the fish” and saves car hire charges in Norway of course.
Norwegian airways fly direct, non-stop (less than 3hrs) from Gatwick to Trondheim airport (search for TRD for airport code). If you book in advance and out of school holidays, you can pick up flights for £50 or less each way. But probably best to budget on around £150 each way per person to include extra baggage and a rod holder.
You may want to add an extra bag (for a Coleman type cool box on wheels – bring out some ragworm and take home frozen fish fillets ?) you can add a rod holder under “special equipment” also in order to bring over your rods in a bazooka style travel tube.
Further options are available by booking 1 stop flights via Oslo – all your luggage is transferred automatically, you just have to walk from one terminal to another in Oslo and maybe have some food and drinks whilst you are there. It’s very easy to incorporate Oslo into your flight – so don’t let this put you off at all.
From Europe you have more options – just search for TRD Trondheim.
2. What if I arrive on a Friday or late at night ?
Not a problem there is a Radisson Hotel located right next to Trondheim airport – put your luggage on a trolley and walk it over to reception and check in for a rest before your adventure. You will need to book in advance, it can get busy.
You can use the Radisson as an overnight stay before departing, if you want to fly out on a Monday.
Twin rooms at the Radisson are around €120/ night as a guideline.
3. How far is the airport from Skarnsundet and how do I get there ?
It’s 88km from TRD airport to Skarnsundet – pretty easy route – takes about 2 hours.
There are several car hire companies that operate right outside TRD airport (bang opposite the Radisson hotel) and you can order a hire vehicle in advance and collect it  and go. There are options to hire a satnav, but a UK or Europe Satnav will work, as long as you have European maps installed – or use google maps on your phone !
Drive within the speed limits (sat nav handy for reminding you on screen) as the speeding fines over in Norway are expensive.
The roads are well sign posted and in Norway they drive on the right. It takes minutes to get used to this.
A hire car is a good idea, it allows you to get out to fish a wide variety of shore marks and also handy for food shopping etc.
What rods and reels
Lure rods from the boat – We have shimano rental lure rods in the shop twinned with a pen slammer and braid for 500 Nok per week saves you a lot of hassle in bringing your own. If you decide to bring your own I would recommend a 9ft rod with a casting weighed between 30g – 80g. The reel should be a 5000 size.
Lure rods from the shore –  We also have these for rent in the shop and a re made by a company called westin, they are high quality rods and perfect for the type of shore baes lure fishing you will be doing at Skarnsundet. They are also 500 Nok per week. If you would like to bring your own shore based lure rod then I recommend a fast action 10ft + with a casting weight between 60g – 80g.
Surfcasting rods – The surfcasting rods I have for rent are brand new ZZIPLEX HST rods and they are perfect for fishing at Skarnsundet, they are light and easy to use. These cost 500 Nok each per week. If you decide to rent these rods you will no be dissapointent. If you would like to travel with your own rods and risk them getting broken by baggage handles or lost the I would recommend as similar rods as you can get to the zziplex rods.
Fuel for the boats
The fuel station for the boats is 20 meters away from the boat. You will need a visa card to buy the fuel and it is approximately the same as you pay in the UK/Europe.
Who gives me my boat?
If you are arriving late in the evening after 18:00 then we will not give you your boat until the the following. This is because it take 45 minutes for us to register you as a user, explain how to buy the fuel, explain the Sonar and GPS, making sure all your questions are answered. One of the guys who is working will give you your boat.
When do I give the boat back?
The boat should be give back to us before 17:00 on your last day of rental. This gives us the chance to check the boat over and for you to clean the boat and fill up the fuel before you relax and prefer for your journey home.
Can I take fish home?
Yes, you can take fish home with you. You are legally allowed to take 20kg of filleted fish home with you (UK value of 400 GBP). We have all the facilities available for you to fillet your catch and freeze it ready for you return journey.
What is in apartment
Where are shops / restaurants
Boats / shore fishing
Fuel for boats
Filleting / freezing fish – 20kg takehome
Cleaning boat and apartment.
Currency and approx costs.
Time to leave and come back next year.