Who we are:


Phill Dale – Guide and Host

Hi, my name is Phill Dale. I am originally from East Yorkshire in the North East of England. I migrated over to Norway in May 2008. To be honest it was a very lucky break. I had been to Skarnsundet on a fishing holiday in April 2008 and was taken out by camp owner/Manager Klaas Jan Jonkman. We had a great day out and I asked Klaas if he needed any help during the summer… Three weeks later with everything I owned in the back on my 20 year old VW Golf and my last 200 GBP I arrived in Skarnsundet. A day I will never forget and certainly the biggest turning point of my life.

Klaas taught me just about all I know about being a good host, guide, boat mechanic, cleaner, accountant, sales manager, etc. It was going to be the hardest, most enjoyable, most emotional Five years of my life.

In 2012 I graduated to be manager/owner of Skarnsundet. This was a major step forward for us as we decided which direction to take the business. Species was always the way we wanted to focus on, shore fishing, boat fishing and Kayak fishing would be our main products but as a very keen Salmon angler it was very difficult for me to ignore all the fantastic salmon rivers we have locally… I finally realised in 2014 that I could no longer run the business alone and started to search for another Host.

Tom, Guide and Host at Skarnsundet

My name is Tom Krüger (32) and I was born in Hamburg, Germany. Since I was a little boy, fishing is one of my biggest hobbys, so I decided to make a living out of it. After I finished school I went to Sweden to the Forshaga sport-fishing academy where I studied fishing-tourism and graduated in 2010. My first two seasons in the job, I spent at Skarnsundet where I got to know Phill and Klaas-Jan who was the manager at that time. Because everything was new to me, I will never forget this awesome time which thought me a lot. Since then I was working in Iceland, West-Norway and Spain and next year will be the 8th season in the job as manager/fishing-guide.

I like all kind of fishing so most of my holidays is planned for fishing as well. During the years I collected a lot of experience, not only in seawater but in freshwater as well. But all in all, sea-fishing is what I`m enjoying the most and spent most of my time for. I usually do shad fishing with light to medium-heavy spinning rods, I like the variation of species and the different techniques you can use in one day. Especially Skarnsundet is perfect for that because of all the different structure underwater close by. I´m really happy to be back and looking forward to see you there.

Kevin, Guide and host at Skarnsundet

My name is Kevin Hobbins, I am 30 years old and come from Hamburg in Germany. The first fishing experience I had was when a class-mate took me fishing the first time when I was 9 years old. We fished with a good old pole, a float and a piece of bread as hookbait. Soon I landed my first bream and since then I was hooked on fishing for life! I fished for every species available in my area and so I became an allround angler during the next few years. Then I slowly started to focus more on sea- and predatorfishing and went on my first fishing holidays to Sweden, Spain and Thailand for example. The fishing techniques I specialize in the most now are active fishing with artificial lures of all kinds and natural-bait fishing for the deep sea predators. Today I have got 21 years of fishing experience and since I am 22 years old I make a living in the fishing business.

After 2 1/2 years of education I graduated on the Sportfishing-Academy in Forshaga/Sweden. Skarnsundet Fjordsenter was the first destination where I did my internship and then worked there as a fishing-guide and camp-manager. It was my first working experience in the sport-fishing business and I loved it, but I wanted to see a little more of the world. I went to other parts of Norway, to Iceland and to Spain to work as a guide and manager. During my period away from Skarnsundet I realized which huge advantages this place has: extremly sheltered and safe fishing, many intresting species in abundance and short travels to the hot spots. Finally for the season 2017/2018 I am glad to say that I am back at Skarsundet Fjordsenter where it all started and I am looking forward to what the future will bring here at one of the best fishing spots in Norway.