Skarnsundet Fjordsenter is located in the heart of Mid-Norway surrounded by steep hills, deep fjords and spectacular Salmon fishing rivers.

The Verdal river is located 45 minute South of Skarnsundet and is on of the main rivers at the Northern part of the Trondheims fjord. The Verdal rivers Starts high in the mountains, on the boarder between Norway and Sweden, then makes its way south windling and meandering through the country to its Estuary in Verdal.

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Verdals Elva as its Known in Norwegian has been an established Salmon fishing river for many decades and as any local will tell you its one of the top five rivers of the the Trondheims fjord. Each season the Verdal River produces large Salmon to 40lb.

The river is very well controlled, with an active focus on Catch and release. (in 2015 64% of Salmon caught on the river were released)

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The beat we have chosen to work with in 2016 is the Tingvold Lodge. Owned and managed by John Olav Oldren, a fantastic guy that really has a passion for Salmon fishing. John spent his childhood growing up on the rivers edge and working on the lodge that he took over from his Family.

The beat that is on offer is on offer is a 2 KM stretch on both banks.

Tingvold lodge is a very relaxing loge to stay at.  There are no restrictions on times when you can fish. On the Home pool which is 100m from your bed there is a lovely small grass roofed hut to relax in and just watch the river pass you bye. Its really a fantastic place with the open fire burning, talking with friends and planing the next beat..



Great place to relax!


Tingvold lodge Charges 2000 Nok per night per person which includes:

Self contained apartment with your own sleeping room.

24 hours of fishing

2 hours guiding through the beats

Access to all huts along the beats.


We can also offer a combination of sea fishing and Salmon fishing!

Example package includes:

Four night accommodation at Skarnsundet

Four days boat fishing

Rod and reel

Three nights accommodation at Tingvold

Three days Salmon fishing

Total cost = 9500 Nok each


Wild brown trout and pike

You can fish for wild brown trout in two local lakes. In theses lakes you can fish from the shore, boat or kayak. The lakes are divided by a one km stretch of river which is fantastic for fly fishing.

Eating out

Øyna parken

Enjoy local cuisine in the atmosphere in the “Longhouse”- built with inspiration from the Viking era. A magnificent view of the fjord.
Activities and summercafè at the top of Inderøya – with a magnificent view over the Trondheim fjord. The Øyna Park Fotgolf course is one of very few in Norway (Fotgolf = soccer golf)Minigolf and other activities as well. The Restaurant serves local dishes with products from the Øyna farm, and other farms at Inderøy.



A great place to enjoy a pizza and beer next to one of Norways strongest tidal currents.



Out and about: