The Boats

Skarnsundet Fjordsentre has two boat options.

We have just purchased two new 19ft Kvarnær Aluminum boats (Norwegian built). These boats are incredibly stable in the water with a large amount of deck space for four anglers. They are very popular with other fishing camps around Norway. The boats are fitted with the latest Sonar and GPS equipment. Mercury 50hp engines are fitted to the boats which motor along nicely at 23knots. This will get you to the fishing marks safely and are great to fish from.


19ft Alumnum boat


The second boat option is the 17ft Øieon boat (Norwegian built) A very stable boat with a supricing amount of fishing space for a 17ft boat. The boat are made from polyester and are much quiter then the Aluminum so are a favourite for shallow water anglers were noise can be an issue. These boats are fitted with Sonar and Gps.they are powered by a very economical 30hp Yamaha engine that is very reliable and cheap to run.



A great 17ft fishing boat