Lure Fishing

Skarnsundet has a fantastic range of lure fishing venues from the shore. Straumen (Norways second strongest current) Is a 10 minute drive away and has so much potential for the lure angler. Our main target species when Lure fishing are Pollock, Cod, sea trout and Coal fish.

Cod fishing in the Straumen area is great fun with relatively light equipment. Using a 40g – 80g rod, 5000 size fixed spool reel and a small selection of lures. You can spend a full week fishing in Straumen and never get tired of catching the strong resident red cod that spend there full lives in Straumen. It is a very exciting way of fishing.

There are plenty of marks to fish in Straumen.

Pollock fishing

The Pollock fishing in around the Skarnsundet is very un explored! We have Five marks that we have invested many hours in to understand them, How and when to fish them. The average size of the pollock is between 6 – 12lb with fish taken around the 20lb mark each year from the shore.

We use 11ft rods with casting weights from 20g – 40g.

The reels are generally 3500 – 4000 Size and a quality 20lb braid is well worth inverting in for these hard fighting fish. Three ft of mono leader and a strong link.