Kayak fishing at Skarnsundet


©sophieward/oceankayakukfishingteamTeam trip to Skarnsendet Norway

A fine cod caught on light lure equipment


Kayakfishing at Skarnsundet Fjordcentre is fantastic, affordable and very enjoyable. Skarnsundet is the perfect location to enjoy a kayak fishing holiday because of its Unique location you have so much variety of fishing on your door step. Due to the settled weather we have in the Trondheim’s fjord the calm conditions make it perfect for kayak fishing. The kayak fishing is very varied, as are the marks you will be fishing. Much of the fishing is very local to the apartments so there is no need to paddle large distances to find the fish

Launching the kayaks could not be any easier, weather its in a sheltered bay or boat slipway.

We have a kayak trailer so we can transport the kayaks around to the most sheltered fishing places, take a drive out to the coast to experience kayak fishing on the open sea or fish for wild brown trout and pike in the local lakes.

©sophieward/oceankayakukfishingteam Team trip to Skarnsendet Norway

The kayak trailer


The kayak fishing at skarnsundet is accessible by any skill level of kayaker weather you are a seasoned pro or a first timer. At skarnsundet we have a focus on safety and care for our guests. There is a rescue boat available 24/7.  Over the past two years we have gained a great amount of knoledge about kayak fishing at skarnsundet. This has enable us to make accurate kayak fishing maps for our guests so there is little wasted time during your holiday.




©sophieward/oceankayakukfishingteam Team trip to Skarnsendet Norway

Paddling the fjords

Even paddling around the fjord is an experience you will never forget The Trondheims fjord is brimming with wildlife and marine life for you to enjoy. Catching fish is just a bonus!

After arriving at Skarnsundet Fjordsentre you will be shown to you apartments and kayaks. The kayaks will be laying just meters from the apartments. You will then be given a series of maps from the local area with hotspot marked on. The kayak comes with hummingbird sonar/path finder, PFD and a paddle. Then you are ready to start your adventure.