Fishing Equipment


So you’r getting your gear ready for an exciting  fishing holiday in Skarnsundet. I have fished in Norway for many years my self, I know how excited you get and how many questions you want to ask. I have written this page to try and answer some questions and give you helpful advice so you can be as prepared as possible for your forthcoming trip. Please have a read over this post before you buy your equipment for Norway. It will save you money and increase the chances of a successful fishing holiday at Skarnsundet Fjorsentre.

Light fishing equipment

For the light style of fishing at Skarnsundet I would recommend a 50-100g heavy action, 2.70 – 3.00m spinning rod. These this rod will give you so much enjoyment and will be used for 90% of your fishing while you are staying at Skarnsundet.

Shimano and Penn do a great range of spinning rods and they are fairly priced. Savage gear also have a great range available and at a fantastic price.

The Braid

Keep it simple with the braid, I stick with power pro. You will hear many arguments for and against all the different manufactures of braid. I’ve always used power pro and its been very good for me. The Diameter should be between 0.13mm – 2mm. The lower diameter you have the quicker your terminal equipment will get down to the fish, Low Diameter braid also reduces the residence of the water, which means you can fish for longer without reeling up and re dropping.


The Tippet

This is the 80cm piece of mono that is tired to the braid to protect from the sea bed. It is important that this is used. I have seen many good fish lost over the years because of damaged braid. You should learn the Albright knot to connect them together.



Try to buy quality swivels and links you will pay a little extra for them but it will be worth it. Also, get the wright size to match the terminal tackle you are using, see the pic for example.

The reel

There is a really nice selection of fixed spool reels on the market now, both Shimano and Penn offer budget price reels with quality components. I would recommend a 5000 – 6000 size. This will also be perfect for fishing from the shore.


5000 size fixed spool reel



Fishing with the shad for me is one of the best styles of fishing I do. There are so many manufacturer of shads that its sometimes difficult to order the correct cool, shape and size. The shads I use are called Relax and in particular the Kopyto series. I’m not sponsored by them, I don’t get free gear so this advice is completely independent. I use what I think works the best for the areas I fish and species I target. The size of the shads are very important. The Kopyto Relax 4L is the most common shad I use. The most productive color is red and yellow, but I Also like the motor oil, color, blue and white and solid red. The 4L means that it is four inche long. I also use the Kopyto Relax 6, which is six inches long. Same colors as before, but just slightly longer and sometimes when there are many small fish around the bigger shad will take the bigger fish.


Good selection of 4/6inch shads


Lead heads

Either I’m fishing from the boat or shore I always use the VMC Barbarian hooks with a ball head, for me these are perfect. The hook is light and bends out of snags but is also strong and Sharpe. the weights should be between 20g- 100g.


Jig heads from 20 – 100g


Pirk fishing is a very productive and popular method of fjord fishing. I always use silver picks. For me they have been the most effective over the year. It’s important to bring a variety of weights from 50g-125g. This will cover all your fishing scenarios in the fjord. A good tip is to check the treble hook, if its not a Owner or VMC hook on the end I usually change them. Even the ones I sell in the shop. You can also attach a string of feathers to the pirk to increase the catch rates.


Savage gear has some very effective lures available at the moment. I’m Constantly using the sandeel range they have. I have great success with both the 23g, which I use for targeting Pollock in shallow water and the 100g which can easily be fished up to 70m deep searching for the bigger cod and coal fish. These lures do everything I need a lure to do.



Savage gear sandeels



So, if you want to experience light boat/shore fishing at Skarnsundet that is the equipment you will need. I have listed some links below that I use to help you source the correct equipment to bring. All the guys are friendly and have many years experience between them. I hope this helps.


Shore fishing equipment

The first point to remember about taking you gear to Norway is that its not much different from fishing in the UK. As far as rigs and techniques are concerned. Also, our climate is very similar to the UK apart from our winters are longer and can be much colder.


The Rods

Your standard surfcasting rod will be fine to use at Skarnsundet. We have a great range of rental rods available for both shore fishing and Lure fishing. I personally use a 14ft surfcaster and a fixed spool reel loaded with 40lb braid. It’s great for plaice fishing or hunting down halibuts.


A standard 13ft Surfcaster is great for shore fishing at Skarnsundet

Tripods and landing

The tripods I use are made by a guy called Dave lovelock, they’re perfect, no nonsense tripod, fully aluminum with no plastic parts. Its no problem to rent one of these here and save bringing your own. Landing a large fish from the shore can be a challenge for the most experienced angler! I provide extendable Gafs and landing nets and drop nets to make landing fish as safe as possible.

Reels + Line

A standard Penn 525 extra or Slosh 30. These two reels cover all the venues that you will fish at Skarnsundet, Using fixed spool reels here is no problem I use a large shimano big pit baitrunner reel when I fish the deep marks. I have two choices of line, Diawa sensor 18 pound/ 20 pound F1, both are fantastic lines. People often bring much too heavy nylon. Its much better to use a 10m long leader to protect the main line over the rough ledges. A problem with using heavy nylon is that you have too much resistance in the water especially on marks like straumen.


Rigs + Leads

The best advice I can give you is to bring your bits box with you. I know tying rigs is half the fun of going fishing but its also important to be adaptable. I use up and overs, pulleys and two hook flappers. I also have all my rig making gear with me when I go fishing so I can adapt my rigs to the fishing situation. You should bring a varied selection of hooks, that’s important. From size 2/0 – 8/0 Sakuma manta extras. Bring an assortment of leads with you ranging from 5 – 7 oz gripped and plain. You should work on losing four per day, I have leads for sale in the on-site shop.

Shore fishing Equipment for Skarnsundet:



This advice really depends on when you will be coming. From November – March you will want to be prepared for some cold weather. The cold here is much different from England. the cold here is very dry so it does not feel as cold as it actually is. I wear a bib a brace from Helly Hansen, they’re very similar to the titan bib and braces. The trick is to wear are good pair of thermal under, bottoms and top, have more layers than a big thermal suite. This will give you the ability to move more freely. A good pair of boots is always needed, the ground can be dry, sloppy, icy, snowy and sometimes very wet. I usually wear wellies then crampons when the ground is very icey. Most of my guests bring a good pair of fishing boots with a couple of pairs of thermal socks. I try to avoid wearing gloves, but you should certainly pack a pair if you suffer from cold fingers Remember, a warm angler is happy angler!


Good clothing is important!


This can be a confusing issue when it comes to Norway. I always advice my guests to bring ragworm as I’ve seen firsthand how effective it can be at certain times of year and without it you are at a real disadvantage. It’s OK to travel with as long its in a sealed cool box. I always supply a spare freezer for my guest so they can have there bait in the right condition. Peeler crabs and blacks fish very well most times of the year, A favorite of mine is ragworm, bluey and Mackerel.