Diving at Skarnsundet



Diving in Skarnsundet can be very demanding and rewarding. With good planing, equipment and luck you can see a host of wonderful underwater delights!


This orange-yellow fan-shaped coral forms until approximately 1m tall colonies.corals usually hits about one diver at between 30 and 40 meters deep in Skarnsundet.



For the few of us who have been fortunate enough to observe such a colony also under water, the impression of something grand, heavily reinforced. Sea trees are like other corals we present here, usually at great depths, often a long way from the mainland. If we disregard some shallow localities in some Norwegian fjords, you find Sea trees mainly at depths between 200-1300 m.


This sea observed infrequently by divers. It is found in smaller numbers in the “shallow” depth area where Paramuricea placomus exist. Grun Next reported incidence is from 32 mi Skarnsundet.



The largest deposits are known from our waters, and the shallowest locality is known from inner Trondheim Fjord. Normal depth distribution is from 150-2000 m.


Eights corals, also called åttearmede polyppdyr, named after how many arms / tentacles each of polyps have. They include the three orders; horn corals (= Gorgoni) – Gorgonacea; lærkoraller (= soft corals) – Alcyonacea; and sea pens – Pennetulacea. In Skarnsundet are representatives from all these eights corals, but especially is the locality known for the “shallow” instances of horn coral sea bush – Paramuricea placomus and rice coral – Primnoa resedaeformis.

Skarnsundet is regarded as one of the top ten dive destinations in Norway. The diving on offer in Skarnsundet is well suited to under water photographers, filters and divers with an interest in Marine biology. Just 50meters from your apartment door its possible to dive and see:

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For more info on Diving in Skarnsundet please check out this link from Rudolf Svennson.


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