Boat fishing at Skarnsundet

Skarnsundet Fjordsentre benefits from having a year- long boat fishing season. The sheltered waters around Skarnsundet means it’s very rare there is a lost fishing day to bad weather. The fishing is relatively easy at Skarnsundet, using light equipment and targeting different species makes for a very interesting fishing holiday!

The fishing is very varied with many species to target such as Cod, coal fish , Plaice, Halibut, Dabs, Whiting, Ling, Lumb, Spur dogs, Ghost sharks, Red bass, sea trout, Salmon and three different species of Skate. Skarnsundet Fjordsentre is suited to anglers who are looking to target a variety of species have an enjoyable and safe fishing holiday with the chance to catch the fish of a lifetime.




The Ling fishing at Skarnsundet is very good.

Pollock fishing with light equipment.

A great place for your fishing holiday.



17ft boat fitted with 40 hp outboard, Lowrance sonar/GPS



19ft Aluminum boat fitted with 50hp outboard and Lowrans GPS/sonar



 Skarnsundet Fjordsentre is an ideal fishing location if you do not want to fish on the open ocean and lose fishing days to bad weather! At Skarnsundet there is always a guide available to give you good advice on were to fish and at what time. In the on-site shop you will find everything you need.

Equipment for a successful holiday at Skarnsundet

Light Tackle fishing

This type of fishing is a lot of fun and in Skarnsundet 80% of our fishing is done with a rod of up to 100g casting weight. Its often better to use a short rod from the boat (2.2m) is a nice length. Shimano and savage gear make some fantastic well priced rods! For the past three years I have used the Diawa kenzaki braid rods for my lighter fishing . The 6/12lb rods are fantastic for fishing at Skarnsundet.

My reel of choice at the moment is the small but very smooth Abu Revo, a fantastic little reel that handles cod, coal fish, halibut and hard fighting pollock with ease.

Ive twinned the Abu up with 0.18mm Power pro, which is a reliable hard wearing braid and tipped it off with a 60lb rubbing leader!

Terminal tackle, shads, pirks, etc:

Shads are probably the most effective way of fishing at Skarnsundet, 4inch and 6inch Kopyto relax shads or similar is all you will need. No need to spend hundreds on shads. Just bring three of each color. Red and yellow, green, dark green and red will be fine. The jig heads should range from 40g – 100g.


Pirks are always effective at Skarnsundet, small silvers picks are deadly. Bring a range of weights from 50g – 120g.

Terminal tackle, bring a small assortment of hooks, links, leads and beads for when you decide to do a spot of bait fishing for the flat fish or haddock.

Take a look at and the guys have been to Skarnsundet many times and can help you out to make sure you bring the right equipment with you.

We have a fully stocked shop at Skarnsundet with all the equipment you will require.

Deep water fishing

If you wanting to target deep water species such as Ling, Lumb, skate Blue ling and many other species while fishing at Skarnsundet then I suggest you bring a 20b – 30lb boat rod twinned with a medium sized multiplier. I use a Shimano Tekota 700, which is a strong, reliable well priced reel will be fine.

We suggest that you use a braid with a 0.28 diameter. This will strong enough to tackle most fish and thin enough to cut out resistance in the water.

We have a very well stocked tackle shop on site were you can buy and hire equipment.

If you have any questions please send me an email to [email protected] or give me a call on 0047 94870606